Tom Landstreet in Forbes: Texas Roadhouse And Other Restaurants Posting Strong Earnings, Thanks To Cheap Meat

Many of my readers know that I have been all over the ramifications of the ethanol mandate, the effects it has had on the agriculture sector, and where I think investors can make money. We have been focused on restaurants – specifically protein heavy restaurants – that stand to benefit the most from falling commodity prices. In my latest piece on Forbes, I discuss the companies that have reported earnings already, and preview the ones coming up.

Tom Landstreet in Forbes: Desperate For Returns, Mutual Funds Add Risk By Investing In Private Startups

Check out my piece on Forbes discussing why mutual fund managers are having to go further out on the risk curve to generate alpha as the unintended consequences of government policy have forced them to make changes in their investment decisions.

Tom Landstreet in Forbes: Cattle Futures In Free Fall Confirm Expectations For Collapse In Beef Prices

Read my piece on Forbes to see why the largest cow herd expansion in history is underway, what the ramifications are, and how investors can profit.

Tom Landstreet in Forbes: The Agriculture Bubble Is Bursting : Corn, Pork & Beef Prices Will Sink With It

If you’ve read some of my prior pieces, you know that I believe the entire agriculture commodity complex is in a historic bubble – a bubble created by the Ethanol Mandate. You can read about it in my Forbes article to see why prices are set to come down and where investors can make money off this major market shift.

Tom Landstreet in Forbes: Soros Doesn’t Like Coal Stocks; He Likes Money

George Soros is a legendary left wing investor and you can read how I believe he used the government to beat down the price of coal stocks in my Forbes article.

Tom Landstreet in Forbes: Chuck Schumer Is Tanking Obama’s Iran Deal, The Iranian Oil Embargo Remains

Check out my article in Forbes on how the privatization of PEMEX combined with U.S. softening on oil policy will impact prices for years to come. As Democrats move more towards the center, so does oil policy – and a republican administration would greatly accelerate development.

In Forbes – Here Comes Cheaper Oil: Why Prices Are Set to Fall

Check out this Forbes article from August 2014 where I successfully predicted the recent collapse in oil prices. Within the context of rising supplies and falling demand, I decided that the straw that would break the camel’s back on oil prices was the prospect of cheap oil coming to the market from countries in the Western hemisphere. Read on…

In Forbes – Finding Stocks That Pay High Dividends V.3

Check out this top ten list of GARY stocks. The GARY concept (Growth At The Right Yield) was developed by Frank Gristina of Tell-tale Capital as a way to identify stocks that pay extraordinarily high dividend yields. This article describes the process and identifies ten GARY-type stocks. The most important feature of these stocks is that the dividend is rich and management is committed to it at all costs.

Tom Landstreet in Forbes – Creative Destruction in the IT Industry

Check out my piece on about how adoption of cloud technology causes lower IT spending, and therefore squeezed margins for legacy IT providers. These vendors will no longer be able to enjoy the large margins of their traditional technologies, and even though they are moving into the cloud, these margin changes will alter their financial make-up – and they will miss estimates as a result.

Tom Landstreet in Forbes – Avoid Consumer Discretionary Stocks

Visit to see my analysis of why rising prices and falling incomes are hammering consumers, especially in the low-end. Consequently, companies that depend on these consumers for profits will suffer as consumers pull-back their spending levels. Some companies are already feeling the pinch, having recently missed their earnings estimates, and I expect this consumer effect to harm consumer discretionary stocks in the near-future.

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